Friday, March 6, 2015

Problems with the Launchpad.

So all in all I like the Launchpad, however, It's not without its problems. First: there's the fact that if you drag a sound file over to the tracks, and hold it to the very top, bottom, right, or left it automatically scrolls in that direction. This can be useful when programming the Launchpad, however, it has a tendency to do this auto-scroll when you don't want it to. This sometimes causes you to drop a new file over one you already have programmed, which deletes it.

Second: It sometimes lowers the volume or mutes the sounds you have programmed. This is quite irritate because I have not yet figured out why it does this or how to fix it. It also sometimes deletes the sounds completely, and it deletes the sounds not the files, the Launchpad and program both register that the file is still there, they just don't make any sound, and as if this weren't bad enough, it also gives indication that that it knows the files are missing. At the bottom of the screen it says, "Media files are missing. Click here to learn more." However, there's no link to click on.

I'm sure if I look it up I'll find that most, if not all, my problems come from user error, but I'm to stubborn to believe that. Though, despite the problems, I still greatly enjoy this instrument.