Friday, February 6, 2015

Why I want a Launchpad.

So the reason I want a Launchpad is because I often find myself at home playing the keyboard with my right hand and hitting stuff with the other in an attempt to make a drum beat; With the launch pad I could easily program the buttons to play whatever drum sound I want, instead of relying on what I can find around my house. I think this is something that would greatly improve my music making ability, and I'm really excited about getting this because now I'll be able to sound like a whole band, instead of just one person.

As well as playing keyboard I also play guitar, and because Ableton is also a recording system I'll be able to record my guitar and play over it with a drum loop in order to create a more complete sound.(In case you can't tell I got the Launchpad mostly for the drum sounds; drums really complete songs. I'm also interested in the synthesizer sounds for techno and dubstep music.)

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