Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book review.

     For this assignment I chose to review the Ableton Live instruction manual.  The manual was informative but very tedious and difficult to read.  I chose to read this book for a couple of reasons.  One being that it is the only book available on the required subject.  The second because I needed the information to learn to program my Launchpad. The manual was written about the entire Ableton Live program, however I am only interested in a portion of the program. Whereas the entire book was pretty boring, I was most interested in the chapter about how to program the Launchpad. This is an instructional manual, so as you would expect the information was very accurate and useful. The manual was written in order to obtain a very specific goal. That goal is to inform an individual about how to use the Ableton Live program. As a result, the book is very objective as it was intended to be. This manual has multiple authors Dennis DeSantis, Ian Gallagher, Kevin Haywood, Rose Knudsen, Gerhard Behles, Jakob Rang, Robert Henke, Torsten Slama. The authors were very thorough in their presentation of the information, as you would expect from any instruction manual. It was very clear and concise in directing one on how to use this program. The information that it contained was very useful. Although it took several attempts, I am now able to program my instrument with a modicum of success. 

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  1. You used a very intense vocabulary that livened up your blog. In my opinion, the only thing you're missing is what the program is. You put the title of the book but not what the program includes.