Friday, January 16, 2015

What is a launchpad?

()()()()()()()()    So I guess I'll start out by explaining what a Launchpad is. A Launchpad is a musical 
[][][][][][][][]() instrument, however not a traditional one. Most instruments you can simply pick up
[][][][][][][][]() and start playing, with a Launchpad you have to program each of the 64 fully
[][][][][][][][]() editable pads. You can program these pads to play whatever sound you want,
[][][][][][][][]() including loops. (loops are tunes and beats that repeat over and over again. This way
[][][][][][][][]() you can create a whole band sound on your own.) Launchpad's also do more than play music, each of the 64 buttons also light up in various different colors, allowing you to create a light show as you play.

 Typically launchpads are used to make dubstep and techno, however, because they are fully editable you could use them to make what ever genre of music you want. The reason I bring all this up is because I plan to purchase one in the next couple weeks and document my progress as I teach myself to play.




  1. Very good Eyan. I think since you have an interest in making music, you will definitely be able to make some pretty sick tunes with the launchpad. I hope that when you go to the store and pick one up that you can teach me how to figure it out. That would be pretty cool. Great job!

  2. But one of my questions for you is how did you hear about the launchpad and have you ever used one before?

  3. I have always been a fan of dub step and electric music and i really think this is cool. one of my friends actually had a launch pad and could do some really cool stuff with it. I cant wait to hear about your progress, and hey maybe you could record a video of you using it and put up on you tube and link it through here so people can check out your skills.

  4. I've seen some launch pad videos on YouTube, and there absolutely amazing to watch. Not only does it require musical talent ,but great moter skills. If you have any original beats you've recorded id love a link to your sound cloud.